Now more than ever we need the support of our community. Every donation, big or small, makes a real impact.
Make a lifesaving gift today to give people hope for a better, healthier tomorrow.


Give Zakat today and save lives! Your Zakat can be a lifeline for the most vulnerable communities in need of healthcare. Make a real difference in the lives of those who otherwise would not have access to free medical services. Every contribution, no matter the size, will help us serve those who deserve it most.


Sadaqah is a charity that transcends time, a gift that promises blessings for the giver and hope for the receiver. Your recurring Sadaqah contributions will be a beacon of light for those who lack access to essential healthcare, providing them with the medical treatment they require.

General Donations

In Pakistan, millions of individuals and families are unable to afford the basic necessities of life, including healthcare. With your help, we can change this reality and ignite a future where healthcare is within reach for all. Every donation, no matter its size will bring healing and care to those who deserve it most.

Childhood Cancer

In Pakistan, every year, around 10,000 innocent children are diagnosed with cancer and only a quarter of them survive. We are determined to change that. Your donation can bring a smile on a child’s face as they beat cancer, and relief in a parent’s heart knowing they can afford the treatment their child needs.


Our ‘NourishMom’ program is a holistic approach towards comprehensive maternal and infant care, providing medical & nutritional support. Helped with monthly rations for families, ensuring a consistent supply of vital nutrients throughout pregnancy and a six-month to continued support after childbirth.

Food Appeal

We provide food to our patients and their attendants 3 times a day. Our patients come from far-fetched areas and belong to ultra-poor communities in Pakistan. They sometimes have to sell one of their belongings to afford transportation to get to the nearest hospital for treatment.

Hospital Expansion

As the demand for healthcare continues to grow, so does the need for expanded medical facilities. Beyond building and equipment, your support to this campaign will bring hope and healing to those in need. Help us fund the expansion of the Indus Hospital & Health Network in Pakistan to make accessible healthcare a reality for all.

Primary Healthcare

We strive to bridge the gap of healthcare inequality by supporting comprehensive health services and improving access to all, particularly the rural and migratory populations. With your help, we can empower marginalized communities and meet their most basic need – healthcare.